Climate Change Programmes

With COP26 coming up in November, there are more and more TV programmes to raise awareness of issues around climate change and/or ways to help the planet.   It takes place from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

Find out about the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, November 2021
Image copyright Hans Jurgen Mager

This documentary is about the MOSAIC expedition.  It is collecting data on climate change before it is too late.  300 scientists are on board, braving an Arctic winter to find answers to save the planet.  Find out more.

What path will world leaders take during COP26?

Ade Adepitan is finding out how life around the planet is being affected by climate change and discovering people taking positive action as he goes.   On the 16th October, he is in Bangladesh and Bhutan.  Find out more

Image copyright Daniel Öberg

The Earthshot Prize is tonight celebrating some amazing environmental projectcs.  Prince William will present the first five Earthshot Prize - each winnening project will receive £1 million to tackle urgent environmental challenges.  This is all about repairing the planet.  Find out more about the Earthshot Prize
We can all help repair the damage by taking action. 

Is your toothbrush environmentally friendly?

Three families transform their properties into eco-friendly homes.  There are solar panels and recycled water - and also new ways to be green such a bamboo shower curtains!  Find out more