Help a dog stop wildlife trafficking

Well trained dogs are crucial in the war against wildlife trafficking, and you can help support their work to help protect elephants, pangolins and other wildlife.   The dogs mean that individual animals and people are working together to protect species on the brink of extinction.

meet nariz

Here’s a very effective partner in crime – wildlife crime, to be exact.

Nariz follows a careful diet for maximum performance and receives elite training from international specialists. 

In short, she is a trained detection dog and she is a Very Important Dog with a very important career. Her job is to disrupt wildlife trafficking in Benin in West Africa.

Nariz plays a vital role

Nariz is learning to sniff out wildlife parts such as pangolin scales and elephant ivory.  These could otherwise have slipped through customs, unnoticed, and Nariz therefore helps bring people who kill and sell these wonderful but endangered animals to justice.

As an IFAW detection dog, Nariz joins a crack team.  Some of the dogs in Benin come from shelters in France, or local communities.  And they get a home, lots of playtime with their handlers, excellent food and a purpose in life.  Their handlers are prepared so that they give the dogs really good care and help them fit into the community.

Your support can really help: 

  • £20 could support the purchase of the dogs’ equipment like leads, toys and bowls 
  • £40 could pay for one training session for a dog 
  • £75 could pay for the training of dog handlers 
  • £200 could support deployments at key locations, like the airport, to stop traffickers