Help Koalas from Koala Corner

If like me, you've been horrified at the terrible deaths and damage the Australian bushfires have caused, please take a look at some of the ways to help Koalas and other wildlife.

There are a number of ideas here, and we'll keep adding as we receive news of ways to help.  

Please ask the Palaszczuk government to protect the koala and sign new tree-clearing restrictions today.  Sign here on's

Join the Koala Army!  They are on a mission, and they've got a battleplan - they just need lots of recruits!  And there's a Koala Manifesto, too!  Find out more

Help Bangalow Koalas and IFAW help koalas

Bangalow Koalas are looking to create wildlife corridors for koalas, and they are working with private landowners to make this happen.

We all need to pull together and work together

11 Ways to help koalas - we all need to pull together to make this happen

5 Easy ways to make a difference to climate change

Climate change affects us all - the National Trust (who are supporting organisations in Australia to tackle the fires) have 5 easy ways to make a difference