One Minute Action to Help Pangolins

When a predator approaches a pangolin, the pangolin rolls up into a ball.  Its scaly armour become its protection.

Unfortunately the scales can’t protect pangolins against people. 

Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammal.  Their scales fetch a high price in countries such as Vietnam.

Pangolin trade has been banned in Vietnam but there is still the demand.   

The African Wildlife Foundation says that last month, Vietnam seized over 2 tonnes of ivory and pangolin scales.  People believe their scales have healing properties – and yet scales are made of keratin – the same as our fingernails

Vietnamese government hasn’t released an official statement to tell consumers that pangolin scales have no healing properties.

Please take a minute to urge Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to officially renounce the use of pangolin scales in traditional medicine.

Please tip the scales IN FAVOUR of pangolins and sign this petition

Help Pangolins Today