Please thank Wildlife Rangers


Today (31 July 2022) is World Ranger Day and a chance to raise awareness of the incredible and vital work wildlife rangers do all over the world. 

Wildlife rangers protect and care for wildlife and their habitats around the world.  Their roles will vary, depending on where they work, but there's no doubt about it, that many wildlife rangers in the world undertake very dangerous work indeed, not just from the wildlife themselves but also from poachers.  Over 1,000 rangers have been killed whilst working, leaving their families behind.  Many are injured in the line of fire.  

And so World Ranger Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank the rangers for everything they do and what they are prepared to sacrifice.


The African Wildlife Foundation sent an email giving us just such an opportunity, saying  "These courageous men and women are protectors, community liaisons, naturalists, and even medics. The role of this job is demanding, dangerous, and never-ending, but they do it all to save elephants, rhinos, gorillas, lions, and their vulnerable habitats – maintaining balance in the ecosystems that underpin local economies and human well-being. They even remained on the front lines when the pandemic decimated tourism-related funding and forced pay cuts."  They are hoping to hear from 25,000 wildlife lovers. 

Please take a moment to thank rangers here. 


Find out more about the African Wildlife Foundation here, including where in Africa it works.  It undertakes four main areas of work:

  1. Wildlife Conservation
  2. Land and Habitat Protection
  3. Community Empowerment
  4. Global Leadership