Take action to help wildlife

Wildlife needs space to survive and thrive and the more of us who help create, protect, care for and save existing and new spaces, the better.

There's a lot of good things going on to help wildife - and ways to get involved, making it easy to make a positive difference to wildlife.   Every single action will make a difference. 

Monday 3 May 2020
It's Wild Koala Day on the 3rd May 2020 - take a look at this video and find out more here

What's on?   Awareness days, international days and national events to get involved in

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Held on 3rd March every year.  These year's theme is Sustaining All Life on Earth

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Held from 13 to 22 March.  Go hunting for nurdles!

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Held in the month of April 2020 to raise funds to help International Animal Rescue help orangutans

International Polar Bears Day falls on 27 February every year.   Find out how you can help polar bears with Polar Bears International.  Fight for polar bears here

Find out about Wetlands and how you can help

There's a lot you can do to make a difference, whether it's at home and in your garden, or adding your voice to a petition to help create a noise!  One is be aware, and awareness days give us the chance to find out more - World Wetlands Day is chance to look at the importance of wetlands and how you can help at home and elsewhere

Wildlife need space to survive and thrive

From ponds and rivers to mountains and deserts, wildlife need space to survive and thrive.  You and I can help save, protect and care for this habitat, and help create more space for wildlife.  We share the planet with them.

one minute actions to help

Add your voice to petitions you can sign - together we can do great things for wildlife

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Add your voice to the Sierra Club's petition (USA but please share if you don't live there, anyway)

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Madagascar is in danger of losing all its rainforest to logging.. 

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