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Enter...The 3rd May is Wild Koala Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate koalas and to protect their habitat, which is rapidly vanishing.  Within 10 years, the koala has gone from no listing to endangered - and that's a terrible plummeting of numbers.  The day is organised by a number of koala charities and you can see  who they are here. 


Koalas need forests.   A koala can’t eat money – they need forests.  And the koala lovers and conservationists who founded Wild Koala Day are calling on three groups of people to stop their rot.

  • Developers, they say:  find land elsewhere to build on such as old  industrial land and mining land, or renovate  old housing developments.
  • Miners: mine sites must be rehabilitated after the mining companies have finished with them – this is law.  But it almost never happens.
  • Politicans and planners seem to be more intent on siding with developers and miners. 

Wildfires are also destroying koala habitat because of our changing climate – firefighters with many years experience say they have never experienced such intensity and ferocity in the fires they are fighting.  And koalas, along with a whole host of other wildlife, are really suffering death and injury because of them.   

Once land is gone and built on, it’s gone.

News from the Koala Clancy Foundation! 


The Koala Clancy Foundation have three things you can do for these iconic animals, and they all start with a P!


1.  Protect a forest
Join or donate a group that is protecting a forest.

Victorian Forest Alliance
Friends of Alberton West
Wildlife of the Central Highlands 
Environment East Gippsland 
Wombat Forestcare
Australian Forests & Climate Alliance 
and of course, the Koala Clancy Foundation!

Koalas need forest to survive and thrive
Koalas need forest to survive and thrive
Image © The Koala Clancy Foundation


2.  Plant a tree, or register to plant a tree

The Koala Clancy Foundation has a number of events taking place to plant trees on June 3, June 4, June 10, June 18, June 24 and July 2. Find out more here.


3.  Pick up the phone and phone a politician


Tell politicians why you care about koalas and that they matter to you.


Koalas don’t have a voice in political affairs but we all do, so it’s up to us to use it and make our voices heard on the koalas’ behalf. 


Introducing the Koala Alliance Victoria!
The Koala Clancy Foundation is launching the Koala Alliance Victoria.  It’s a a network of organisations and individuals involved with koala welfare in Victoria, Australia.  The mission is to improve the conservation and protection of koalas there.  Please subscribe here.    



More info on Wild Koala Day and koala groups

You can find out about the conservation groups involved in koala conservation from the Wild Koala Day website in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia - why not take a look and see what you can do to help them or one of them? 

You don't have to live in Australia to help - these days there are plenty of ways to make a difference from a distance. In fact, there's an International section with links to a couple of Facebook groups, one of which is called the Koalition.   As they say, united we stand! 

There's also a group called International Koala Intervention  - visit them here


Visit Wild Koala Day's website


Visit Wild Koala Day's website here

Don't forget to spread the word!  #wildkoaladay