11 Ways to Help Koalas

 The 3rd May 2021 is Wild Koala Day - Find out more here!  There's lots going on to help koalas a and even if you don't live in Australia, there's plenty you can do to help.   Explore Wild Koala Day's website and share, share, share!  The 3rd May 2021 is Wild Koala Day - Find out more here!

11 Ways to help koalas

Koalas are fighting a battle for their very survival.  They have been for a while, because of deforestation – their habitat has been destroyed by people for their own purposes for "development" - roads, buildings, mining companies, development, etc - and their habitats have been destroyed by wildfires which, this year, have been more ferocious than usual. 

So how can you help koalas?

Wherever you are in the world, there is something you can do.

  1. Adopt a koala.  There are a number of charities you can do this through, whether you are from Australia or anywhere else in the world.  Save the Koala has an adoption scheme.  The Koala Hospital enables you to adopt koalas too – the hospital helps injured and sick koalas and aims to release them where possible in the local area.

  2. Become a member of a koala charity.   Being a member gives you the chance to support, to be part of a single voice, to receive news and find out ways in which you can help.  The Koala Hospital has a membership scheme, as does Friends of the Koala in the Northern Rivers region which has an international membership scheme.  Bangalow Koalas also have a membership scheme.

  3. Plant a tree.   Koalas need trees.  They need them to rest, for shelter, to move from one area to another.  They need trees to eat, both for food and – there’s one tree which gives them medicine.  Save the Koala enable you to do this in memory of someone or as a gift or simply for yourself. 

  4. Subscribe to Bangalow Koalas You Tube Channel here 

  5. Sponsor a forest or an acre for koalas. You can make a donation to the Koala Hospital to help them grow trees suitable for koalas.  Bangalow Koalas want to create a koala wildlife corridor in their area (New South Wales).

  6. Grow trees for koalas on your property.  Save the Koala has a lot of helpful information about what trees to plant. Friends of the Koala have information too and you can buy trees from them for $1.  Koalas need certain sorts of tree. Koalas in Care have tips on where to plant and not to plant trees.

    Join the Koala Army - koalas need you!

  7. Join the Australian Koala Foundation’s Koala Army.  They are trying to get a Koala Protection Act through and they need you to enlist to help get it. 

  8. Donate.  All koala charities need help tending the koalas they rescue from wildfires.  Koalas need veterinary treatment, they need food and water, and care.  Friends of the Koala need donations to build a koala hospital to look after sick and injured koalas.  Koala Rescue Queensland need a new rescue truckKoalas in Care in New South Wales need donations to help them care for the 65 or so koalas they care for every year.  Koala Bay need donations to set up a koala care and rehabilitation unit.

    Port Macquarie Koala Hospital distributed over 100 water stations after the NSW bushfire crisis
    thanks to everyone who contributed to their GoFundMe fundraiser 
    Thank you to creative studio Vandal for donating this video to the hospital, much appreciated

  9. Spread the word on social media – get the word out that koalas and Australian wildlife need help.  The media only talk about human deaths and damage to personal property.  It’s as if wildlife don’t exist.  Wildlife does exist and they do matter.  Raise awareness for them.  Be aware of what you can do to help koalas in your areaKoala Rescue Queensland have helpful tips on that.  Be a voice for koalas – Friends of the Koala has information on campaigning and advocacy - and help get the word out about how you can help, what needs to be done, the help koalas need.

  10. Volunteer. A number of koala charities welcome volunteers.  If you are in Australia or heading there, why not see what you can do to help?  Save the Koala is one charity with volunteer opportunities, and international volunteers could volunteer at the Koala Hospital (that’s Port Macquarie and surrounds, New South Wales) – they also have local volunteers.   Friends of the Koala also have opportunities for volunteering, for locals, inter-state and international koala lovers.  The Koala Clancy Foundation have koala conservation days for local people and they also have corporate tree planting days.

  11. Save your energy and save koalas.   The Koala Clancy Foundation is urging people to save 10% off their energy bills and save koalas. 

  12. Look at where things like your toilet paper and office paper comes from.  Does it come from a sustainable source?  We need to stop companies logging forests and way to do that is to stop buying products which don't come from sustainable sources so that we essentially force these companies to change their ways.  And if they won't go for sustainable products, we need to put them out of business. 

The wildfires mean exhausting and heart-breaking work for all those people who are discovering koalas, dead or alive.  Koalas climb trees in a wildfire.  If they climb high enough, the fire may pass below them.  But wildfires are devastating for trees.  Consequently many koalas have died, and many more have been burnt, thirsty and all sorts of injuries. The people helping koalas need to know we are all behind them and support their efforts, heart-breaking though they must be.  Koalas are very particular about the trees they eat, so it is all the more devastating for them when these trees are destroyed in fire.  Find out more here about some of the impact of recent bushfires in Australia. 


Please do what you can to give them that support and help people help koalas and restore their habitat.