11 Ways to Help Koalas

The 3rd May 2024 is Wild Koala Day!  Find out more here
Find out about the Koala Army's March for Creatures Great and Small on 1st September 2024 in Canberra and virtually

September 2023:  Breaking records to help save koalas from extinction - the Koala Clancy Foundation


11 Ways to help koalas

Koalas are fighting a battle for their very survival.  They have been for a while, because of disease and deforestation – their habitat has been destroyed by people for their own purposes for "development" - roads, buildings, mining companies, development, etc - and their habitats have been destroyed by wildfires. 

So how can you help koalas?

Wherever you are in the world, there is something you can do.

1.   Join in the mission to help koalas

Become familiar with the mission and goals of koala charities and see what you can do to help them fulfil their mission to help koalas and save their habitat.   For instance, the Koala Clancy Foundation is looking to plant 300,000 trees by 2030 and save koalas of the You Yangs in Victoria.  In 2023, they've planted the most trees they've ever planted in a year, with 33,518 trees going into the ground - a tremendous group effort by everyone including volunteers, supporters and donors.  Groups can make a difference!   Find out more about that wonderful achievement here.

2.   Know what’s going on

Many charities have newsletters you can subscribe to, so that you can keep in touch with news, updates, events and appeals.  Follow them on social media too.  Retweet, share, like – share that you care.  Why not tag local politicians to show them that you care about koalas?  The Koala Clancy Foundation has a membership scheme too, as does Bangalow Koalas

3.   Give koalas some habitat - Plant a tree

Koalas (and lots of other wildlife) need trees and the right habitat if they are to survive and thrive.  Many koala conservation charities planting trees and have tree planting days you can volunteer for, or you can donate to plant a tree.   Save the Koala enable you to do this in memory of someone or as a gift or simply for yourself. 

You could sponsor a forest or an acre for koalas.  Bangalow Koalas has planted 240,000 trees since 2019 and they are aiming to plant half a million trees by the end of 2025 - they are well on the way to achieving it, so find out how you can help.   Grow a forest for yourself with Save the Koala or perhaps in memory of a koala lover or nature lover. You could donate to the Conservation Fund with Koala Conservation Australia! 

4.  Landowners - why not grow trees for koalas on your property?  

Save the Koala has a lot of helpful information about what trees to plant. Friends of the Koala have information too so that you can help restore koala habitat and you can buy trees from them for $1.  Koalas need certain sorts of tree. Koalas in Care have tips on where to plant and not to plant trees. 

Businesses, why not have a team building day helping with a tree planting?  This could be great PR for your comapny and give employees something meaningful and different to do. 

Join the Koala Army - find out more from the Australian Koala Foundation
Find out more from the Australian Koala Foundation (image copyright AKF)

5.   Protect the habitat that’s there already

Landowners can work with local koala organisations to enable them to protect land already frequented by koalas and other wildlife.   Some habitats will need restoring so that they are suitable again for koalas.  

6.   Be a voice for koalas

You can shout out for koalas and raise awareness of the challenges they face and how people can help on social media.  Friends of the Koala has information on campaigning and advocacy - and help get the word out about how you can help, what needs to be done, the help koalas need.

7.   Be political!

Join in and raise awareness amongst politicians and local community organisations, showing them that people DO care about koalas and wildlife and want to preserve them.  Look to see what campaigns koala charities are running and how you can get involved and give them your support.  The Australian Koala Foundation has a letter you can send to a politician.  And they’ve got a Koala Manifesto, too.  And please Support the Koala Protection Act.  Get in touch with politicians and tell them you care.  Ask them to help save the koala.   Save the Koala has information on how you can do this, both at the national and state level   

8.   Join the Koala Army

The Koala Army was set up by the Australian Koala Foundation – they have all the resources you’ll need to fly the flag for koalas, including a battle plan! 

Join the Koala Army - koalas need you!
Join the Australian Koala Foundation’s Koala Army.

9.   Volunteer

Many koala charities need help from volunteers in all sorts of ways, from practical help and support with activities such as tree planting days, or fundraising or helping with office work.  Some have volunteer opportunities for people from outside Australia, too!  More hands makes for light work, as the saying goes!   Save the Koala is one charity with volunteer opportunities, and international volunteers could volunteer at the Koala Hospital (that’s Port Macquarie and surrounds, New South Wales) – they also have local volunteers.   Friends of the Koala also have opportunities for volunteering, for locals, inter-state and international koala lovers.  The Koala Clancy Foundation have koala conservation days for local people and they also have corporate tree planting days.

10.   Donate to support koala charities in their missions

Simply donate if you can – koala charities will have all sorts of needs depending on what they are focusing on.  Some may need funds to help care for koalas bought in to rescue, whilst others will be looking for funds to help them plant trees or even run a campaign.

You can make a straight donation, or donate to an appeal; but you could also do something as a gift for a loved one, such as making a donation on their behalf, or adopting a koala.   Save the Koala has an adoption scheme, as does the Koala Hospital   

10.   Make a note of dates for your diary

Wild Koala Day is on 3rd May every year, whilst Save the Koala Month runs in September.  There are always lots of events taking place so these events are a great opportunity to spread the word about the challenges facing koalas and ways to get involved in helping them.

11.  Join in the march on the 1st September in Canberra – you can do this virtually!

March for Creatures Great and Small on 1st September - and you don't have to be in Canberra to do it!   Find out all about it here.

Finally, we can all be more environmentally friendly in life.   The Australian Koala Foundation pointed out that there are 8 billion of us on this planet.  If every single person did one small thing for the planet – that would be 8 billion people making a small change or doing something to make a difference. That would add up to quite an incredible effort!

Please think about wildlife at home and when you’re out and about
You could leave water out for wildlife in your garden so that they have something to drink,
especially when temperatures are at their hottest.

The wildfires mean exhausting and heart-breaking work for all those people who are discovering koalas, dead or alive.  Koalas climb trees in a wildfire.  If they climb high enough, the fire may pass below them.  But wildfires are devastating for trees.  Consequently many koalas have died, and many more have been burnt, thirsty and all sorts of injuries. The people helping koalas need to know we are all behind them and support their efforts, heart-breaking though they must be.  Koalas are very particular about the trees they eat, so it is all the more devastating for them when these trees are destroyed in fire.  Find out more here about some of the impact of the 2019 bushfires in Australia. 

Please do what you can to give them that support and help people help koalas and restore their habitat.