11 Ways to make your water go further


Water is a very precious resource, despite the rain and flooding some parts of the planet have been experiencing.  So here are....


 11 Ways to Make Water Go Further on the Planet

 As the civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi said back in the first half of the 20th century, “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed."  There were about 3.5 billion people on the planet then.  There’s now 7.7 billion plus.  And earth’s resources can’t keep up with our increasing needs and demands.

Appreciate what you have – don’t waste it - and share, share, share

  1. Imagine what it would be like to switch on the tap to find you have no water.  And you’re really, really thirsty.  Millions of animals face this problem every day.  Somewhere on the planet, an animal is gasping, desperate for one drop of water.   Imagine that by saving water yourself, the water saved could be directed to that animal.   I’ve found this vision is a very effective way to make me think about the water I use.  I think of an animal, gasping of thirst with absolutely no water in sight.  It doesn’t take me long to switch a tap off or reduce the pressure of my shower, I can tell you.  Picture your favourite animal, unable to drink, desperate for water, with no access to any water because people have been wasteful and thoughtless. Reduce the water pressure or switch the tap off. 

  2. THINK before you use water.  Turn the tap on and off when cleaning teeth or showering – those moments when you just let the water run.  Don’t’ let the water run.  Switch it off.   

  3. Re-use water where you can.   We turf out unused water e.g. from water bottles, glasses of water which haven’t been finished, old water from the kettle, the water left over from our dog’s water bowl when we clean it out – it all goes out on to the garden and that only takes 30 seconds to do

  4. Tackle taps left to run.  It’s incredible how many people leave taps running and don’t switch them off properly.   Watch for taps left on to run or drip, drip, drip.  Switch them off for people who just don’t think or care.  Tell someone who can do something about it if a tap won’t switch off properly.  We need to stop the rot of waste.

  5. Get a water butt and use that water for your garden.  We got one a few years ago and it’s great.   We constantly use it for our garden and water the plants even when they are slightly dry.  Bees, butterflies and other insects are depending on these plants

  6. Sponsor a water butt!   Suggest somewhere local has a water butt and sponsor it.  You pay for it, they get it and sort it.   Give someone a water butt gift.

  7. Encourage your local pub to put a water bowl out for visiting and passing dogs.  And don’t forget when you’re on an outing with your dog, he or she needs water breaks just as you need your coffee break or tea stop.  You can always carry a dog water bowl with you

  8. Give wildlife a pond.  I promise, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  I love watching the birds in our garden take a bath or drink out of water we’ve given them.  They are just so pleased to find it, bless them. 

  9. Sponsor a water hole or trough for animals abroad.   SPANA and The Brooke both have gift pages where you can treat an animal or animals to water, in a trough.  These troughs can be permanent or mobile – they can be moved about.   Some of these animals are working in temperatures of 50 degrees plus.   They need water. Give them the chance to have it.

  10. Don’t eat mussels in restaurants.  We were out at one of those restaurants where you watch the chefs prepare and cook your meal.  I couldn’t believe how much water the chefs used washing mussels for someone who’d ordered them (it wasn’t me).   The water from the tap just ran and ran and ran.  I thought, “What a waste of water.”

  11. Make sure your own animals have access to a regular supply of clean water.  They can’t turn on the tap like we can – though I’m sure there’s an owner out there who’s seen their pet or horse etc do it

Watch every drop we use, and we’ll all be better off.  It doesn’t take long to get in the habit, and you never know, you could save yourself some cash in water bills :-) 

The final word goes back to Gandhi and I’m sure most of us have heard it before:  “You must be the change you wish to see in the world…”  If those of us who care use less, it’s a start, and then we can show the way.