Fire Response Fund

2019 saw the world on fire.

From north to south, the footage was absolutely horrific, with devastating impacts for both people and wildlife.   Homes for people and wildlife were destroyed, lives were taken.   And now it’s necessary to rebuild, to work for people and animals to create a future.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure.

And with this in mind, please take a look at the World Land Trust.

They have set up a new appeal:  a Fire Response Fund

The Trust wants to ensure it can support its conservation partners to prepare ahead of the season.  It wants to fund vital training, provide community support, and also provide equipment to monitor, tackle and extinguish the small sparks that can lead to such destruction on such a major scale.

Please help the World Land Trust get ahead of the flames.

In 2020, the charity’s partners in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala have already experienced wildfires in their reserves.   The predictions are that 2020 will be worse than ever for wildfires as the earth hots up.

Experienced firefighters in Australia said they had never seen anything like the ferocity of the fires they were fighting last year. 

We need to start supporting their efforts and to give them the equipment they need to stop small sparks becoming roaring and rapidly spreading flames.  The speed with which a wildfire spreads depends on factors such as wind, terrain, weather conditions, fuel type and condition.  Catching a fire when it’s small is critical, before it becomes a towering inferno.  

Let's give people the skills and equipment they need to respond to fire with the Fire Repsonse Fund

Please donate to the Fire Response Fund here.

We need to listen to those involved and in the know on the front line of firefighting.  We need to make sure they have everything they need to prevent – skills, equipment, technology, training.   They need to be able to keep fire-vulnerable environments protected.  All our wellbeing depends on a healthy planet.  We all have a vested interest in supporting the Fire Response Fund.

Image ©World Land Trust