The Koala Army Needs You!

The Koala Army needs you!


Please enlist in the Koala Army.  The Koala Army has a mission - and a battle plan.  Its mission is "To have the Australian Government enact the KOALA PROTECTION ACT".     

For koalas are in trouble - the Australian Koala Foundation says the only way to protect them is with the Koala Protection Act (KPA).  Urban the Koala and  Commander in Chief, Deborah Tabart OAM (the fearless leader of the Foundation), are leading the Koala Army into battle to fulfil this mission - and they need our help. 

There's even a Battleplan which has all the news on current campaigns and strategies. 

Enlist in the Koala Army

They need as many of us as possible to ENLIST and to spread the word about the Koala Army.  Get everyone you can to join up.  

There are Koala Army posters here that you can download from the Save the Koala’s website.  You can share on social media, on blogs, at school and at work, in local newspapers - and even put them round town!  Let Save the Koala know how you get on!  

Join the Koala Army
Join the Koala Army today

Inspire other koala lovers

Then we need to INSPIRE.  You could read and support the Koala Manifesto which calls for ten key actions that will need to happen to save the Koala, save its habitat, and in turn save thousands of other animals.  Take a look at Bob's Map which shows the dramatic impact people have had on habitats as forests are destroyed and wildlife have nowhere to live.  And stand up for koalas - be their voice, as they have none - and give your support ot the Koala Protection Act.  Spread the word and ask others to support the act, too.

Do your bit and walk for victory for koalas
You can download posters such as this one from the Koala Army's webpages

Save the Koala
Don't feel powerless - join others wanting to help koalas together.
Join the Koala Army!