Connect to Polar Bears

Making the Connection to Polar Bears

A conservationist – I can’t recall who – said recently that to want to care for something, you need to know about them.   You need to know how they live and what conditions they need to survive and really thrive.

You need – or I’ve found it makes a huge difference – to have them link in your head, as I found with my polar bear, Nanuk.  Then you know what they need and you can make a connection with them in your heart.  Once you’ve got that connection with them in your heart, you want to help them – it’s difficult not to.

Feel that connection, and it’s almost like they have stepped into their world.   Your heart has the will to help and make a difference.  Your head will help you decide which next steps you should take.

Polar bears are magnificent animals

So how can you connect to polar bears?

There are lots of ways to do it.  Learning about one polar bear and following their life as closely as you can is one. You can do this by adopting a polar bear, as I did, or just following one on a charity’s tracker, such as Polar Bears International do on polar bears.   It helps  polar bear charities find out what the bears are doing, how long they are staying in one spot, how far they are swimming to find new sea ice and so forth. 

Ways to connect with polar bears include:

  • Adopting one – Polar Bears International have e-adoptions so it doesn’t matter where you live.  They are solely dedicated to helping polar bears and researching sea ice, vital habitat for our wonderful polar bears.
  • Watch webcams of polar bears.  
  • Take a look at You Tube videos.
  • Watch documentaries about polar bears to find out more about them and how you can help.
  • Pick a polar bear from Polar Bears International’s tracking page and track your bear!  Get a feel for where they are, see what the terrain looks like – you can get a picture of the life the bear faces.   What would the temperature be now?  What do the surroundings look like?  Google maps can help here.

Connect your heart’s will to help with your head’s ability to make decisions and move yourself to action.

Your heart will tell you how you feel about this beautiful animals.

Your head will tell you how you can help polar bears.

Connect your heart and head and start your own journey to make a difference for them.