Help Pangolins at Pangolin Corner

Welcome to Pangolin Corner!  

This section of the website shows how you can help pangolins.  They are the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world and they really need our help.  

This National Geographic You Tube video below tells you a bit more about the amazing pangolin.... The video points out that poachers and dealers of pangolins are often those involved in the same worldwide criminal networks which are pushing animals such as elephants and rhinos to extinction;  and we need pangolins - they eat the termites which would otherwise destroy crops and buildings. 

Find out about threats to pangolins here

SumOfUs have a campaign to get Facebook "to increase the enforcement of wildlife trafficking policy and make sure that no threatened or endangered species’ parts are sold on your platform".  Find out more

Adopt a pangolin as a virtual gift for someone or just to show your support.  

There's a list of Pangolin Conservation Charites here - take a look at them and see what you can do to lend your support!

World Pangolin Day falls on 15 February 2020.  Pangolins are shy - they need us to spread the word for them and tell people about their plight.   

Add your voice to a petition asking the Vietnamese Government to officially renounce the use of pangolin scales in traditional medicine. 

Why are pangolins threatened and in such trouble?

Educaiton is critical - find out how Education for Nature is spreading the word about wildlife crime