Help Pangolins

This section of the website shows how you can help pangolins.  They are the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world and they really need our help.  Find out about threats to pangolins here

The 17thFebruary 2023 is World Pangolin Day - don't forget!  It's a great opportunity to tell people that pangolins exist and what they are - and why they need our help.

Tell people that pangolins exist! 
Pangolins are shy.  They need PR agents!  One of the first challenges pangolins face is that many people don’t know that they exist, or if they have heard of them, they’ve no idea what they are.  This video from National Geographic tells you about the pangolin.

Tell people why pangolins matter.

They are guardians of the forest, protecting them from destruction by termites.  This helps keep a balanced eco-system.  The Nature Conservancy says that one pangolin can protect 41 acres from destruction by termites, thanks to the huge appetite pangolins have.

Awareness days can be a great way to raise the profile of animals who aren’t as cute and cuddly as the panda, or as well-known as the polar bear.  Make the most of it and tell  people about pangolins!

Spread the word about wildlife trafficking

Education for Nature Vietnam has a number of public announcement videos, telling people about the implications of being caught if they traffic wildlife in Vietnam.  They also have educational messages about choosing science rather than traditional medicine.

Image copyright African Wildlife Foundation

The African Wildlife Foundation is calling on us all to be a Pangolin's armour.  They are looking for 25,000 of us to pledge our name to protect pangolins.  Please pledge your name here and share your pledge if you can.   

Image copyright Andrew White

There are a number of charities involved in pangolin conservation, such as the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and the Born Free Foundation, Save Vietnam's Wildlife and the Wildlife Alliance.   You can adopt a pangolin from them as a way to support their work – maybe as a present for a nature/wildlife lover?  Find out more here

Or you could make a donation

Either to one of these charities or to the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group

Follow the charities involved on social media and share their news
Spread the word to let people know that groups of people are working to help pangolins and that everyone can help.

Say no to pangolin meat and any products with pangolin in them.  Wildaid launched a “Say NO to pangolin meat” campaign in 2022.  It aims to raise awareness of pangolin’s important role in maintaining a healthy environment.  It is also stressing the role that Cameroon can play in protecting these animals and how it can become a leader in African conservation. Anything with pangolin scales, pangolin wine, fashion accessories is a no-no. Find out more

Be informed
For instance, take a look at the launch of Operation Pangolin in February 2023, just ahead of World Pangolin Day.   Familiarise yourself with pangolin conservation organisations and subscribe to newsletters if they have one, or blogs.   Is there anything you can raise awareness of amongst your social media friends and family?