World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

The 1 November is World Vegan Day.  It’s a chance to find out more about being a vegan, and why it matters to the environment and the animals we share our planet with.

What is a vegan?

There are many ways you can go for a vegan lifestyle, but all vegans have a plant-based diet and avoid animal foods such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.  They also avoid animal-derived materials, products tested on animals and places that use animals for entertainment.

Viva! campaigns for a vegan world.  It says:   "Taking the life of an animal who does not want to die is a profoundly terrible act and yet committed so casually in our culture."  The words which really stick out for me are "an animal who does not want to die". 

Viva! also point out that most farmed animals have terrible lives in factory farms.   Many are killed with appalling barbarity.   Viva! point out that they go into these places and film the suffering and publicise it with nationwide campaigns that bring about change.   And this is just on land.  Billions of animals are also killed at sea which not only causes suffering but also the ecological collapse of the oceans. 

Viva has produced this video called What have burgers got to do with polar bears?



On 1 November, World Vegan Day, Viva! is calling on the British public to take part in a new challenge, 7 Day Vegan.   They are asking us all to try going vegan for a week.  

As they point out, we are in the middle of an environmental emergency.   There has always been change on earth, of course, but never at the rate at which it is happening now.

  • Our forests are burning - wildfires have never been so ferocious and we are destroying our forests deliberately to use the land for our own purposes e.g. agriculture, mining
  • Our air and seas are polluted 
  • Our soil has been and continues to be degraded
  • Our wildlife has been and continues to be wiped out.

Viva! say animal farming is at the heart of the climate crisis."  Eat meat, and you'll help contribute to the world's sixth mass extinction.  Temperatures are rising fast.   Time is running out.  We are reaching a point of no return.   

Going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do to cut down your environmental impact.  Join in Viva!'s 7 day challenge today!

There are lots of ways in which you can get involved:

  1. Try new vegan recipes!  Use World Vegan Day to kick start cooking some new dishes at home.
  2. Find out how to go vegan
  3. Do you love cheese and worry about going without it?  Click here!
  4. Motivate yourself to do it - or at the least, to eat less meat.   Find out about Viva!'s campaigns and take a look at some of their videos and investigations (these may be shocking to watch)
  5. See what you can do to get involved - volunteer, organise a talk, campaign, art for animals, fundraise, discover more about the whole issue - there's lots we can all do.
  6. Join Viva! and become a supporter
  7. Spread the word on social media