Adopt a Pangolin

Did you know that pangolins are the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world?  

They are wanted for their scales, their meat, their skin - and despite legislation, illegal trafficking of these animals continues.   There are a number of charities and wildlife trusts working to help pangolins - and you can help them by adopting a pangolin, either for yourself or as a gift  adoption!   

You can also take a look at Pangolin Corner which has more ways of how you can help pangolins!

Adopt a Pangolin from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Adopt Marimba and help DSWF save pangolins by funding crucial anti-poaching  and community outreach work in Africa.  You can even add a handmade pangolin toy to your adoption pack - it's individually made by a women's community group in Zambia.  Making these toys gives the women, who live close to wildlife, an alternative income.   (Photo left copyright of Andrew White.)  Adopt Marimba now

Lucy was rescued after losing a front and hind foot to a poacher’s snare. She can still climb trees, but it is unlikely she can return to the wild, so she is cared for at the forested Wildlife Rehabilitation Station.  She has mothered a male pangolin, Luke, who has been released to protected forests of the Southern Cardamom National Park; and she has met a mate, who a couple found for sale in a local market.  If the couple have any pups, it is hoped that they will be released to the wild.  You can now adopt Lucy's offspring, Roux. 

Adopt Lucy from the Wildlife Alliance
Adopt a pangolin from Save Wildlife Vietnam

Adopt Polly the Pangolin!  She came to Save Vietnam's Wildlife Rescue Centre back in 2017 from another rescue.  She was so afraid when she arrived that she kept herself rolled into a tight ball during her first veterinary check. They discovered she was missing a leg.  She cannot go back to the wild, so she lives in a naturalistic enclosure with lots of branches, a deep layer of soil to dig in and hollow tree logs to snuggle up in.  Adopt Polly for 50US$ and you will help SNV rescue, rehabilitate and return critically endangered pangolins back to safe, wild habitats.  Adopt Polly the Pangolin here.


Adopt a pangolin family from the Born Free Foundation!  Your adoption will help the Born Free supported Sangha Pangolin Project in the Central African Republic.  The project rehabilitates rescued and orphaned pangolins and returns them to the wild.  From £3 a month.  Adopt your pangolin family today from the Born Free Foundation  

Adopt a Pangolin Family today from the Born Free Foundation