Lifestyle changes to make a difference

There are many lifestyle changes we can all make to reduce our impact on the envrionment.  This page has news about lifestyle changes people are making or changes you can make. 

Some of these changes involve Questioning Yourself, perhaps about your lifestyle;  others take you to More Info;  others are for you to Act on Today, if you feel so inclined.  There will be more, so please keep coming back to check out the new ones soon!


Sweden has a word to shame people for flying. Now 1 in 4 people are staying on the ground.


Get active and walk wherever you can.  It will help fitness, reduce the demands we make on the earth's resources - and it's a great way to start the day!

Talk to friends and family about climate change.  Polar Bears International have help on how to do this.  

Get rid of straws

Or if you really have to use straws, use those which AREN'T plastic! e.g. Bamboo Straws

Balloon Releases

Stop them, don't take part in them, try to stop your local authority allowing balloon releases.  Balloons KILL wildlife and livestock.

Eat Less Meat

A lot of deforestation occurs because the land is needed to provide food for livestock for people to eat.  Plus it's kinder to animals not to eat them.

Instead of sending flowers, send a tree or bush as a gift. has something for every location. 

Sponsor an Acre

Sponsor an acre as a gift for an animal lover and help the thousands of animals living there.

Don't wait

Don't wait for Governments & Commerce to solve problems.  Act and join in others who are acting as well.  

Look for Refills

Ask stores to re-fill your water bottle for you.  You could always give them a tip for doing it and it will cost you & the planet a lot less!

Ask before you buy

Do you really, really, REALLY need what you're about to buy? 

Mend it!

Can you mend what you're about to throw?   If not, can you use it for another purpose?  e.g. old t-shirts for dusters

Find a Purpose

Find a purpose in life and devote your energies to that, something which helps others, rather than anything material.


Volunteering can be a great way to help wildlife, so look for volunteer opportunities near you. 


Support rescue centres rather than breeders.  

Your Ecological Footprint

What is your Ecological Footprint?   How many planets do we need if everyone lives like you?  

Go Plastic Free

Not easy, but look for plastic free items where you can.  Talk to your local supermarkets about getting rid of plastic. What are they doing? 

Save Water

Save water when you shower and brush your teeth - turns the tap off when you don't need the water to run. 

Buy Local

Look for local produce that has been produced locally to support local farmers.   Why not have a go at growing your own? 

Put water for wildlife

Give wildlife a pond, a bird-bath, anything they can drink from.  Many get dehydrated, especially in hot weather.   It doesn't have to be large.

Get gardening

If you haven't got a garden, check out the RHS's campaigns to get people gardening and green grey Britain! 

Search online

Use Ecosia as your search engine and they will plant trees as you search!  So far they are up to over 124,000,000 trees!  

This is easier said than done, becuause so many products now have palm oil in them.  Ethical Consumer has produced a guide to help you work out which companies don't use palm oil or at least use sustainable palm oil

Don't waste food

Plan what food you need to eat before you shop.  Look at what you throw away each week.  Reduce waste the next week.