Volunteer for wildlife conservation

To volunteer for something means to do something for someone or an organisation without any obligation to do it and without being promised any reward or payment for what they’ve done.   In other words, they do it free of charge in their own time.

Volunteering can take place in all sorts of ways such as:

  • Regular volunteering for a charity when you turn up say once a month, once a week, or more or less than that, joining a group.   Many people come along when they can, some are able to come more frequently.
  • Doing a volunteer holiday – these usually involve paying for the privilege of volunteering but having what’s hopefully an amazing experience at the same time. Some wildlife holidays include within the cost a certain amount of money which goes to a local wildlife charity. 
  • Doing an event e.g. joining a beach clean, or just doing something on your own or with a group of friends to clean up your neighbourhood
  • Doing some fund-raising e.g. taking part in a marathon or a shorter race or some other activity to raise money for your favourite charity and to raise awareness
  • Helping with specific skills you have such as office skills, websites, meeting and greeting visitors, organising events – it all depends on what the charity does and how it is organised

Volunteering to care for wildlife habitat often involves doing physical labour in what may not be the best of weather conditions.  It may involve mending fences, putting up fences (which could include stone walls), litter collecting, caring for ponds, lakes or reservoirs, cleaning up beaches etc.   The work is generally practical in nature and you are likely to get wet at some point and probably dirty & muddy depending on what you’re doing and where you are - but that’s all part of the fun!

At the least you often find you’re meeting like-minded people who want to make a difference as well and there’s nothing like spending time in the company of such people.  It’s all very empowering.