Wildlife needs space to survive and thrive. The more of us who help create, protect, care for and save existing and new spaces, the better.  There are many good things going on to help wildife and ways to get involved.   Every single action will make a difference. If we all pull together, we can really power through change for the better.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead, American anthropologist, 1901-1978

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The book "Earthshot" says that you and I can be part of the problem facing the planet - or we can be part of the solution.  Two things we can do is to protect the natural world and to reduce our impact.  "Urgency + Optimism = Action."

Protect the Natural World
Reduce our impact
Find out about Wetlands and how you can help

There's a lot you can do to make a difference, whether it's at home and in your garden, or adding your voice to a petition to help create a noise!  One is be aware, and awareness days give us the chance to find out more - World Wetlands Day is chance to look at the importance of wetlands and how you can help at home and elsewhere

Wildlife need space to survive and thrive

From ponds and rivers to mountains and deserts, wildlife need space to survive and thrive.  You and I can help save, protect and care for this habitat, and help create more space for wildlife.  We share the planet with them.

World Elephant Day
World Elephant Day is on 12 August every year.  You can find lots of elephant charities to discover more about on our sister website, Animals Charities. Meantime, this video is from African Parks

World Ranger Day takes place on 31 July and this is a wonderful opportunity to take a look at some of the organisations supporting rangers as they put their lives on the line to protect wildlife and habitats.  It's also a moment to have some quiet reflection and remember those who have been killed or injured as they work as rangers.  Find out more

FInd out more about World Ranger Day. Photo copyright David Clode
Photo copyright Blake Meyer

Tigers4Ever are working hard to give tigers a future.   They have a two appeals you can help tigers with:  you could donate to poaching patrols or to provide waterholes for tigers and other animals.   Find out more from Tigers4Ever  

The SumOfUs have an urgent appeal to raise funds so that the local conservancy can create the longest wildlife corridor in East Africa.  If the conservancy can't secure the funds, investors are ready to buy up instead.  Find out more...

Please help the SumOfUs help the Maasai help wildlife

The International Fund for Animal Welfare have a petition to the New South Wales Government in Australia to raise the conservation status of the koala from vulnerable to endangered.  Please find out more, act, and share!  Thank you!

The 3rd May is Wild Koala Day - you can find out more here.

image copyright IFAW
Please help koalas!

There's a petition to keep an oil company out of Africa's treasures - it's with Rainforest Rescue, and you can find out more here. 

Keep the oil industry out of Africa's natural treasures with this petition
Find out more about this new resource here

There's a website aiming to educate people into why you shouldn't poison bats you find in your home - it's a wonderful resource.  Find out more here