Adopt a Koala

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital was founded in 1973.  It's situated in New South Wales, in Australia.   

They have just introduced a scheme where you can do an e-adoption to adopt a koala

Adoptions help with the rescue and treatment of koalas who are sick and injured.  They are released back to their home range where possible.   Adoptions also help with the conservation and expansion of habitat.   It enables the collection of information about the habits of koalas for research - habitat, disease, nutrition and habits. And it also helps increase public awareness on koala matters, by providing educational material. 

Here's the hard bit:  there are 18 koalas to choose from!   Here are just three (photos copyright to the Koala Hospital) and you can find out about the others here. 

Adopt Emerald Downs Mary

This is Emerald Downs Mary.  Her left eye had very advanced glaucoma .  She is an easy koala.  The hospital has many years expereince looking after blind koalas.  Mary may have been involved in some sort of physical trauma - a fall from a tree, perhaps. 

Example image

This is Balmoral Mini.  She had home care for five months, after she had been attacked by a dog.   She has now been released into the wild!  

Example image

Meet Zenani.  She is a permanent resident at the hospital.  She had a long recovery after being found back in 2013 in fires by wildlife search and rescue teams.  She had to undergo painful treatment for burns on her journey of recovery, bless her.