Animal Human Wellbeing websites


Animal Human Wellbeing is a family of websites designed to help provide information and resources and to help you join in the effort to conserve and protect nature and biodiversity.

Here are the websites which form part of the Animal Human Wellbeing family:

 Animals Charities Animal Charities
This lists animal charities around the world - its database is growing.  There are also other resources such as lists of animal charities which take stamps, and do team days.
Get active with animals Get Active with Animals
The website is a resource for anyone who wants to have more animal magic in their life and get active in the animal world whether by regular volunteering, getting close up and personal on experience days, creating a wildlife friendly garden, bird-watching, taking part in events or simply enjoying animal pictures around your home!  Go to Get Active with Animals
Giving gifts   Giving Gifts
Lots of gift ideas for animal and nature lovers, such as adopt an animal, gift memberships, conservation presents, gifts to help the environment and more green gift ideas.
Give a gift membership Gift Membership
The website has gift membership ideas for lovers of the natural world (encompassing animals and nature), garden lovers, green spaces and conservation in its widest sense.
West Sussex UK West Sussex UK
This is a local website with lots of links to animal charities in the beautiful county of West Sussex - which is where Animal Human Wellbeing is based.