What's your footprint on this planet?

Footprint Calculators

There are some fairly complicated carbon calculators around - personally I prefer the simple life.  Here are some calculators you can use to help you work out what impact you’re having on the planet. 

Take them (or one or more of them) now and then in a few months’ time you could repeat the process to see what’s changed.  The range of carbon calculators is growing all the time so you can pick one to suit you and what you want to find out about in your own case.

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Are all these footprint calculators going to be accurate?  I don’t know exactly how accurate they are, but what I do know is that doing them can give you a few pointers into what you’re doing to drive climate change and tips and advice on how you can change that.  I think they make a good starting point to help us all work out what twe need to do differently.