Help wildlife and endangered species


Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he could only do a little.
Edmund Burke

Essential things we can do to help wildlife

  1. Create more wildlife habitat e.g. putting out a log pile in our garden (a pile of logs in a quiet corner)

  2. Care for the habitat nature has already created e.g. volunteering to join a beach clean up day, joining a group of volunteers to help maintain habitats

  3. Support the efforts of those charities who are doing it e.g. sponsor rainforest as a gift, send a tree as a gift, sponsor an animal, spread the word etc.

  4. Protect the land and sea by changing our lifestyles and buying habits e.g. putting solar panels on a roof instead of on the ground in a field, buying products which are palm oil free or at least from sustainable sources of palm oil

  5. Make changes e.g. end captivity, stop trophy hunting

So what changed?

 Give wildlife the help they need to survive and thrive
Give wildlife the help they need to survive and thrive.  These sunflower fat balls are from Garden Wildlife Direct.