The African Wildlife Foundation are looking for 50,000 people to become Advocates for the Grevy Zebra.

The Grevy Zebra was once widespread across the Horn of Africa.  Today, less than 3,000 Grevy Zebra remain.  They need our help.

Why are the Grevy Zebra so endangered?

Well, largely because of humans.    Here's what's happening to cause their decreasing numbers...

  • Ruthless poaching
  • Food supplies are becoming scarcer.  They are battling for resources with people and livestock which are overgrazing in the Grevy Zebra’s lands.
  • Their habitat is steadily shrinking.
  • Horrendous droughts are threatening to reduce their numbers even further.

Help the Grevy Zebra survive and thrive

As the African Wildlife Foundation points out, the Grevy Zebra is running out of time.  Become one of 50,000 wildlife advocates fighting for them.   And spread the word for the Grevy Zebra. 

If you can, please donate to the African Wildlife Foundation and help them expand proven strategies which help protect endangered species such as the Grevy Zebra from habitat loss, poaching, wildlife trafficking and the effects of climate change.

Please become a Wildlife Advocate for the Grevy Zebra and add your name