Trees help all our wellbeing, people and wildlife

Why do trees matter?

We all need trees - they are essential to all our wellbeing.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Trees provide better air quality as they take in carbon dioxide, a toxic gas.  They then produce the oxygen people and animals need to breathe.  Many of our forests are now stressed because there is now too much carbon dioxide to take in.  We need to take care of trees and our forests if they are to take care of us and produce the oxygen we need to breathe.  The rainforests are the lungs of the planet and so far people have got rid of nearly half of them. 

  • Trees shelter us.  They provide people and animals with shelter from bad weather - wind and rain - acting as wind breaks.   And they provide shade and shelter from the sun on a very hot day.  There nothing more relaxing than sitting under the branches of a leafy tree!

  • Trees provide food - fruit from fruit trees, lemons & oranges from the citrus - while animals eat leaves & some eat the bark of a tree

  • Trees give us a sense of peace and serenity, grounding, connecting with nature, a feeling of contentment

  • Trees reduce noise pollution

  • Trees provide homes to animals who nest in them and rest in them.  

  • Trees provide a sense of continuity, always a comfort in times of change and upheaval - Do you remember the tree on the green?  We used to love playing in trees when we were young.  People get very fond of trees - they provide a gentle touch in today's frenzied living lifestyles.  Many a conversation has taken place during the course of a day under a tree, as people love to gather around them.

Actions you can take

  1. Instead of sending flowers to a loved one as a gift, (and let's face it - they don't last long), send a tree or a bush. does for trees what florists do for flowers - they send trees through the post as a gift.  You can find a tree for any location, indoors or outside in the garden, from their website.

  2. Animal lovers will enjoy gifts which help protect woodlands and forests.  The Woodland Trust, the National Trust Online Shop and the World Land Trust all have gift schemes enabling you to help by choosing a gift.  If you're an animal lover, why not ask for donations for a charity such as these instead of gifts which you don't really need?  Going through the process of buying and sending gifts like this may also prompt the giver to spend some time a) finding out more about the charity, what they are doing, and why you want such a gift and b) give them a nudge in the direction of thinking about their gift and why it might matter.

  3. Visit websites such as Rainforest Rescue to see what you can do to add your voice and support to their efforts to preserve rainforest.

  4. Conservation charities (see the tabs at the top of this page) will have lots of ways you can help and get involved.

Don't forget that seagrass is vital in the fight to protect our natural world and earth - find out more about it here.