World Wildlife Day

The 3rd March is World Wildlife Day, a United Nations initiative, a day dedicated to wildlife, and how we can help them.   It’s a chance to also see that, despite the state of world, there really are some amazing work being done around the world, so I thought I'd put a few examples of what's being done together.  Getting involved really does matter, even from a distance.   Thank you to everyone helping wildlife around the world, especially those putting their lives on the line.   Find out more about World Wildlife Day from the UN here.   #WWD2024 

In October 2023, the World Land Trust launched its annual Big Match Fortnight.  For two weeks, funds donated during a fortnight were tripled by very generous donors.   The fundraising for the appeal continues after that until the target – this year £1,15million has been reached.   And within three and a half months, the target was reached.   The Colombia Mists of the Forest Appeal was successful and the video will show you the outcome of the appeal. 

In the UK...

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust ran an appeal to raise funds to buy  Common Farm – 83 acres - to restore it to nature.  The Trust is now negotiating to buy the land for nature, for wildlife and for all of us.  The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust delivered a huge habitat creation project at the Hilfield Park Resevoir Nature Reserve, working in partnership with the site owners and project funders, Affinity Water.  There are 46 Wildlife Trusts in the UK and they are all busy helping wildlife, with lots of volunteers and support.  Find your local!

In the USA...

Vital Ground’s supporters supported a year-end campaign, such that it flew past its $175,00 matching challenge.  Vital Ground strengthened a key habitat link between mountains in Montana, so that grizzles could reclaim historic range, and enabling them and many, many species to benefit.  The Fowler Creek Project secured crucial habitat for a grizzly population.  They also built a safer shared landscape for people as a result of conflict prevention partnerships in key locations across grizzly country.   Find out about their work to help grizzlies (and so lots of other species)  here.

The Koala Clancy Foundation’s achievements for 2023 showed that if we all join together – wherever we are – good happen for wildlife.   Landowners, volunteers and donors (the latter coming from all over the world) helped the Foundation work towards its goal of planting 300,000 trees for koalas (and other wildlife will benefit) by 2030.  334 volunteers gave up time at the weekend to help on planting days and now 129,697 trees have been planted.  Find out more here.

In South East Asia

Fauna and Flora International  supporters rasied over £200,000 from their Irrawddy Dolphin appeal .  Only  72 dolphins are left in the Irrawaddy River, in Myanmar, and the threats to them grow daily - pollution, gillnets and electrofishing (illegal).  Funds raised by supporters have helped to fund a volunteer programme, giving local people patrol boats and other essential supplies to help them protect the river from these threats.   FFI will be exploring opportunities for future collaboration with WWF and the Myanmar Biodiversity Fund.   A population census is the next step to gain clearer insight into populations in the river.   Here are 10 species to watch in 2024 as FFI work to help them.

The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary takes orphaned elephants in and cares for them, in the hope that release into the wild will be possible one day.  The Sanctuary was established to respond to demands from the local community, who recognise wildlife as an opportunity to improve livelihoods.   Visit Reteti Elephant Sanctuary here. 

There's lots of good things going on, but obviously a lot more to do.   We can raise awareness – and even better, we can show we have taken action to join in and help in whatever way each of us can.   That "showing we care" action could inspire others to act instead of only thinking about it and deciding to stay put with the status quo.  We cannot afford to run with the status quo anymore.   The natural world needs our active help.  

Plant lavender for bees.... put water out for wildlife... Simple actions just from home all add up.



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