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SEPT 2022:  Their 2021 Annual Report shows over 1,700 acres conserved with 6 habitat protection projects from North Idaho to Montana and more...

SEPT 2022:  18 new reserves and 7 sanctuaries to boost wildlife conservation in Maharashtra, raising the number of protected areas to 52, covering about 13,000 sq kms

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SEPT 2022: Carbon credit project investment between Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and TD Securities (TDS) conserves over 1,300 kilometres of rivers, streams, shoreline, peatlands and forests. 


Three lagoons to be made Conservation Zonesas the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation has decided to convert Nandikadal, Nayaru and Sambalativ lagoons into forest conservation zones. FIND OUT MORE


A computer engineer who is now a conservation scientist is using sound to mitigate human-elephant conflict in India.  FIND OUT MORE about the Elephant Acoustics Project

CHINA:  Sept 2022
The largest freshwater lake of Weishan Lake has suffered from serious pollution Thankfully,  administrative, juridical and technological measures have been put into effect for the restoration of the ecological environment. The water quality has improved considerably - and wild birds are back. FIND OUT MORE

UK:  August 2022
Large blue and other rare insecst are thriving on grasslands which have been restored as part of a RES project.  Visit the Royal Entomological Society for more information