Introducing my blog

Thank you for coming to visit this blog.  It has different sections covering news, ways to help, changes we can all make to our lifestyle and more:

This section is all about habitat that's being created and preserved on land and at sea, whether by governments, charities, individuals, schools and businesses.  There's a lot we can do from home to create and care for wildlife habitat from feeding garden birds and growing a pot of flowers for butterflies, to donating to an appeal to save land for wildlife and sponsoring a wildlife ranger as a gift for someone.   Every single action makes a difference.
All over the world, we can all make a difference

You can give wildlife charities working to care for wildlife habitat your support in various ways, such as volunteering, donating (that doesn't necessarily mean money), becoming a member and spreading the word.  

These blogs are geared towards a specific species e.g. the hedgehog, tiger etc.  Mind you, help one and you help lots more too!

Conservation has already made a difference to pandas
Businesses are making a difference

Business helps wildlife 
There's a lot business can do to help, from sponsoring events to team building days which help wildlife, considering the environmental impact you have and taking wildlife and the natural kindgom into account when making business decisions and products.  Check out the businesses already doing their bit for wildlife.

Schools help wildlife
Our young people will inherit this earth from us - school is a great time for them to get involved and enjoy the delights of growing things, caring for wildlife and making a difference. 

These include ways our human lifestyles can help wildlife e.g. drop plastic from your life wherever you can, avoid products with palm oil, turn your thermostat down

And finally...

Other News is just news items which I hope will be of interest :-) 

Roar for wildlife and make lifestyle choices to help