What changed? World Population

When we work together, we have power to take problems head on
and make a huge difference in our life and in the lives of others around us. 

David DeNotaris 

The world population has rapidly increased.

According to Worldometers.com, world populations have gone from 1 billion in 1804 (over 200 years ago) to 7.3 billion in 2015.  It is expected to keep rising for some time.

People have needs: 

  • Food
  • Fresh water
  • Somewhere to live which is heated, lit, with for many of us, all the mod cons & technology
  • Transport
  • Clothing
  • They all produce human waste which has to go somewhere. 
  • Education, health care
  • Somewhere to put man-made waste/rubbish
  • Aspirations and wants which varies - nice holidays, a car, a certain lifestyle, leisure

Clearly, the standard of living and expectations are higher in some countries than in others.  In many countries, people have no clean water to drink, no electricity etc.  This makes for a stark contrast to many people in wealthier countries where things are rather different. 

In addition, a really worrying trend is that so many people now feel no or little connection to nature and the natural world.  Many cannot see its relevance to them or appreciate how important it is to us all.  

So where does this leave wildlife?

World Population Growth
Year Billion
2015 7.3 
1927 2
1804 1