World Rewilding Day is on 20th March 2024 #WorldRewildingDay #Rewilding #HopeIntoAction #Innovation #GenerationRestoration

The 20th March 2024 is Global Rewilding Day.   And the theme this year is #HopeintoAction.  This year, it's all about celebrating people who are transforming #HopeIntoAction through positive, resolute and inspiring rewildling success.   People are taking positive actions on every continent and the more of us who get involved, the better.   Small groups CAN make a difference, and the more small groups we can all join and grow around the world, the better.   What's happening in your area that you can support?  This is a great chance to find out!  Get researching!

Rewilding Europe say 
"Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation.  It’s about letting nature take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems and restore degraded landscapes.  Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms create wilder, more biodiverse habitats."

There are rewilding projects all over the world taking place and to find out more, visit

Rewilding Europe 

Rewilding Britain

Rewildling: The Global Alliance

So what can you do on Global Rewilding Day?

Increase your knowledge

However much you know about rewilding at the moment, take this opportunity to find out more about it.  What is it, what difference will it make, what are the benefits to people and wildlife and the natural world?  What successful rewildilng projects have there been already?

Rewilding: The Global Alliance says there are 3 things we can all do

1. Make a video!

Make a one minute film on the theme of Rewilding Hope – talk about your favourite places, successes, rewilding people, species, the benefits of rewilding for people and wildlife.  Tag #RewildingHope and @globalrewildingalliance. 

2. Raise awareness

Help to get the message out of rewilding among your friends and family.  The plan is to make a thunderclap for rewilding on World Rewilding Day with the hashtag #RewildingHope – and to promote success stories. 

Twitter: @GlobalRewilding

Instagram: @GlobalRewildingAlliance

LinkedIn: Global Rewilding Alliance

3. Explore their Hopeful Resources - there are lots of resources here.   

Think about what you can do to bring some wild into your garden!  Will you share some of it with wildlife?  If so, what can you do? Every single action will help wildlife, however large or small your space.  The only thing that won't help them is not doing anything at all!  Get some ideas here