Arctic Sea Ice Day is on 15th July

The 15th July is a big day for Polar bears and their home, the sea ice.

It’s Arctic Sea Ice Day, a chance to discover more about sea ice and why is matters.  Polar Bears International have got a live event, and you can take part in their ‘Talk About It’ campaign.  And of course, you can donate to help support their efforts to help polar bears and find out what’s happening to sea ice.

For it’s more important than ever that we all do what we can to help and Polar Bears International have just issued their Impacts Report for the second quarter of 2024 – all made possible by the community supporting them.

Key points from Polar Bears International's Impact Report 2nd Quarter 2024

  • Information is power:  Members of their research team contributed to a key paper which predicts the localised extinction of the Southern and Western Hudson Bay polar bears IF the Paris Climate Agreement is breached – and this generated publicity on the consequences of not taking action for our climate.
  • Dr Steven Amstrup and Geoff York took part in the recent meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group, where members share information on the status of polar bears.  They set conservation and research priorities.
  • And the Polar Bears International visited communities along the southern Hudson Bay to provide polar bear deterrence equipment and training.  They also delivered live bear traps, newly designed.  Two communities had asked for these, anticipating a need to relocate bears safely.
  • They celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Arctic Ambassador Center network.  This is made up of 48 zoos and aquariums in the US, Canada and Europe – and they all share a commitment to polar bear conservation.

Sea ice matters!

So how can you join in and participate in the battle for action on climate change, to help polar bears and save Arctic sea ice?  Of course, it’s not just polar bears who will benefit.   Lots of wildlife depend on it, and so do we – it helps keep the planet cool.  Northern communities need it for transport and access to food.  And it’s the basis of the Arctic marine food web. 

So how do we all protect and save Arctic sea ice?

Talk about sea ice

Polar Bears International are asking us all to start talking about it sea ice. .  And they have tips to help you do just that, because it’s not an easy topic.  But if we can talk about it, we can start building support.  This is particularly important given the number of elections taking place around the world. 

  1. Follow the tips Polar Bears International have to start talking about climate change;
  2. Take a look at their Arctic Sea Ice Day Toolkit for ways to get involved
  3. Join their Tundra Connections broadcast on 15th July at 3pm CT – Polar Bears International are launching their Beluga Boat Cams – and talk about Arctic ecology, sea ice and belugas, live from the Churchill River!   Explore the world of belugas to find out more.
  4. Learn more about sea ice and why it is important
  5. Watch the video about sea ice eco-regions. 

Please talk about sea ice and polar bears on the 15th July 2024



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