Stand up for nature in the General Election

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This is a particularly important year for nature, because of the number of elections taking place around the world.  In the UK, of course we have our General Election on the 4th July (don’t we all know it!) and it just so happens that this falls after what will hopefully be a huge march on the 22nd June called Restore Nature Now.

1.March for nature on the 22nd June.

Restore Nature Now is a march in central London on the 22nd June.   Starting at 12mid-day at Park Lane W1K, it will follow Piccadilly and then turn towards Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall and on to Parliament Square.  The culmination of the march will see a ‘central rally’ in Parliament Square at about 2:30pm.  This is a really important opportunity for us all  to show how much we love and care about nature – and the website has details about the march itself and the organisations behind it.   Go to the Restore Nature Now website

This legal, peaceful, inclusive and family-friendly demonstration aims to be the biggest gathering of people for nature and climate that the UK has ever seen. It is both a celebration of British nature and a protest calling for urgent political action on the nature and climate emergencies.  

Restore Nature Now

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2. Be informed

What are wildlife charities are saying about the General Election and what can you do to offer your support?  What is your local Wildlife Trust saying about it, for instanceYou'll find their 5 priorities here.

Which candidates best support these views and say they are going to act for nature?  What does their past performance tell you?  The Local Intelligence Hub gives data about local MPs, constituencies, public opinion and the climate and nature movement.

3. Contact your MP

Speak up for nature - here's how We can all pile the pressure on our MPs and tell them how important nature is to us.  Prospective MPs need to be fully understanding of why nature and healthy wild spaces are important.   What are their plans to bring wildlife back to your area, and to tackle climate change? Find a hustings here, where local candidates can address potential voters, and you can ask questions.  The Wildlife Trusts also have information on writing to your MP to help you. 

4. Be an active member!

Watch out for information you receive by email or in the post or check online to see what you can do.  If you’ve been a dormant member, not getting involved, and just happy to give your membership fee monthly or annually, there has never been a more important time to change from being dormant to becoming an active member.  There are millions of members of wildlife charities in the UK so if we all did something to speak for nature, that would make quite a noise!  The Trust has posters you can download for display.

5. Take action for nature.

Take action for nature in the space where you have most control – at home.   There are plenty of things you can do for wildlife in your garden or even with a window feeder for birds.  The Trusts have a number of ideas of what you can do for nature such as making a bee hotel, building a pond, making a log shelter or a hedgehog home, creating a container garden for wildlife, providing water for them  – many of these do not need much space at all and many can be done at very low or no cost to you.

There may also be local appeals and campaigns you can support – or areas you feel a close bond to, even though you don’t live there.   Find out what your local Wildlife Trust are doing, and what’s happening with other wildlife charities such as the RSPB, the Woodland Trust, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Marine Conservation Society,  the Rivers Trust and Buglife.

Nature needs us all to represent her, to stand up and act for her. Together, we can all make a big difference but we each need to do something.



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