Beavers in Vermont need help!

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In Defense of Animals report that there’s a grim fate waiting for too many beavers in Vermont.   They face the threat and danger of beaver kits, and the danger of being ensnared by a cruel underwater leg-hold trap. 

These animals are vital eco-system engineers and there’s a chance to change this and safeguard a family of beavers in Orange County from such a cruel end.

IDA have joined forces with Vermont Wildlife Patrol to install a Beaver Deceiver flow device, which could both protect the local beaver family and be a beacon of hope for wild animal conservation efforts.

Beavers, say the IDA, are amongst the most commonly trapped animals.  And yet they are vital – they play a critical role in eco-systems because they create wetlands which both boost biodiversity and improve the quality of water.  These wetlands can also help with wildfires and reduce flooding.

The aim is to raise $4,000 needed to buy and install this life saving device.  It’s a very compassionate alternative to the $13,000 of tax payer money wasted on dam removals and cruel trapping.   IDA USA is asking for donations to support this purchase and installation.  

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Save Vermont’s Beavers From Cruel Trapping

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