Restore Nature Now - join the march in London on Saturday, 22 June at 12:00 noon

One of the important things we can all do for nature is to be her voice.   We all need to shout for it and make our voices heard.  Nature is vital to our wellbeing, and for the wellbeing of our precious wildlife. 

On the 22nd June, there is the chance to do just that, to make our voices loud and clear and give nature a voice on the streets of London in a legal march.  

Assuming the General Election in the UK will take place this year, it is even more important than ever to show those who we elect to represent us that nature matters to us.    We care about it.  We MUST shout for it.  

Every voice matters.

Wildlife and environment organisations and campaigners will take part in this march, moving through central London to Parliament Square.   The Wildlife Trusts, the Climate Coalition, WWF-UK, the National Trust, WWT, Rewilding Britain, Extinction Rebellion, and the Wildlife and Countryside Link will all take part.   Please join them and swell their ranks.  Be a voice for nature.  

What is the march calling for?

The RSPB reports that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted places on earth.  38 million birds have gone from our schools in the last 5 decades.  Since the 1930s, 97% of our wildlife meadows have been lost.  One in six species are at risk from being lost from British shores.  

The organisations taking part in the march know the solutions and they also know that urgent action is required.  A very strong commitment is required from politicians to nature's recovery.

Simply put, 5 ways to help nature's recovery are:

  1. A pay rise for nature .   Double the nature and climate-friendly farming budget. 
  2. Make polluters pay
  3. More space for nature 
  4. A right to a healthy environment 
  5. Fair and effective climate action



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