Free the Bears: Moon bear cubs in northern Laos rescued by Free the Bears

Hot on the heels of the rescue of 18 bear cubs in Laos, and their Night in a Cage fundraiser,  charity Free the Bears are straight back to rescue work. 

Their government partners told them about two bear cubs living in terrible conditions.   They are in a tiny space, and attached to chains.  How long they've been kept like this is yet to be determined.  

The great news is that the bears have been rescued!  And now they will need care and support to thrive in a safe environment where they will get all the love, care and attention they need.

Find out more about Free the Bears.

You could also look at becoming a bear carer - or why not do this for a bear lover as a gift? 

Volunteering for Free the Bears

Did you know that there are opportunities to volunteer for Free the Bears?   Take a look at this video to the right, and find out more about volunteering here. 

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