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Polar Bears International emailed with a report of their activities so far in 2024, thanks to the support of everyone.

Den-monitoring with cameras

Their long-term den-monitoring project in Svalbard had one of the most successful field seasons to date!  They deployed custom-made den-monitoring cameras at 5 den sites, and PBI were able to pinpoint den locations with greater accuracy.   These den studies are important:  they help PBI to understand denning behaviour and to monitor the conditions of mothers and their cubs.

Spreading the word

There have been more visitor numbers at Polar Bears International House this winter, and here visitors could learn about polar bears and the threats facing them.  And of course, it was International Polar Bear Day on 27th February, which was a worldwide event, (it’s always on the 27th February every year), with live chats, social media and more.  This is really important because it raises awareness of the issues polar bears face and encourages people to take climate action.

Too close for comfort!

PBI finalised plans to visit 2 extra communities in Northern Ontario this spring – both are having an increase in polar bear sightings.  The visits will include training in the use of polar bear deterrents,  and PIB will be delivering deterrent supplies and also 2 polar bear traps. The traps help trap and relocate polar bears who have got a bit too close to human activities.  This helps people and polar bears live safely together. 

Building rapport, encouraging policies to support polar bears

After meetings last autumn, PBI is building relationships and having constructive discussions to encourage policies that support the conservation of polar bears. This is vital to help sustain the polar bears’ future.  The efforts included meeting with government officials in both the USA and Canada.

You can find out more about all these activities in Polar Bears International's full report.  

Join in the conservation journey

Help Polar Bears International help polar bears, sea ice and thus other wildlife in the Arctic.    Why not give a monthly or one off donation?



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