Skin care: Combining sun cream and insect repellent in one!

A sun cream & insect repellent in one!

I'm a huge fan of Green People.   They are based in West Sussex, and make organic beauty products.   I love their gentle cleanser and moisturiser, and I also love the fact they help charities close to my heart as well.  As they say, "Nature gives us the inspiration and ingredients for our plant-based products, and we see it as our duty to safeguard the environment by giving back to nature through our charity partners."

Their charity partners include the Knepp Wildland Foundation (where they are based), the World Land Trust and the Marine Conservation Society.  

I don't spend time sunbathing but I do love being outside in the fresh air, so I was very excited to hear about their SPF15 Sun Cream with Natural Insect Repellent.

Protect with SPF15, and sooth and repel with Citrepel®75.   Green People say that this is clinically proven to give 4 hour protection against mosquitoes, midges, ticks, sand flies, black files and land leeches. And it’s certified organic 100% mineral.

It’s suitable for all the family from 6 months old, and its Aloe Vera core sooths and hydrates.   Lemon Eucalyptus and Peppermint give a fresh, natural summer scent. It’s kind to sensitive skin.  

Green People have also got a blog on natural ways to help stop mosquitoes biting at night, with 4 natural tips.  The blog covers info such as:

  • When are mosquitoes most active?
  • Why protect your skin from mosquito bites?
  • Debt free ways to stop mosquitoes biting at night

Visit their blog here.

You can also soothe, hydrate and protect with this Moisturising After Sun Natural Insect Repellent, pictured immediately right. 

And to the far right, there's the This is the Green People for Men No.4 Sports + SPF30 Sun Cream 50ml, just the thing for men who do a lot of sport outside! 

This is the moisturiser
This is the Green People for Men No.4 Sports + SPF30 Sun Cream 50ml

To look after other people and animals, we need to look after ourselves, and it's easy to forget to put something on to protect your skin.   If there's the added bonus that sun cream will deter insects such as mosquitoes and midges, that's a great plus!  



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