Please urge the Canadian Government to End the Bloody Seal Hunts

The 15th March.....

The 15th March is International Day of Action Against the Canadian Seal Hunt.  It's dedicated to protesting the hundreds of thousands of seals who will be killed annually for their fur.   Please join in and urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop this massacre once and for all!

In Defense of Animals say that most of the seals killed are under three months.  They often suffer slow, paintful deaths as they are shot, bludgeoned and impales to death.   The demand for seal fur has increased, and the  Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) continues to endorse this horrific industry.  (There are bans on the import of seal hides in many countries e.g. the USA, the EU). 

In Defense of Animals say, "It is time for Canada to finally put an end to this bloody massacre that is financially supported by the government and has been considered a long-standing tradition. Traditions should not involve animal cruelty."

5 ways to do this...

  1. Call Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office 
  2. Comment online, tweeting at Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau or both 
  3. Leave a comment on the Prime Minister’s facebook page Facebook page
  4. Send a card or letter or postcard – information about this is here
  5. Send an immediate letter by filling out the fields and clicking to submit – the letter will go straight to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

More information  on how to do any of these 5 ways is here.

THese seals need our support and help
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have many more campaigns so please visit their website to find out what they are and see if you can support them.  The more of us involved, the better.  Let us all be the voice for animals...



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