Wild Koala Day is on 3rd May

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This is a BIG day for koalas and a chance for all us koala lovers to find out what is being done to help the koala  and how we can all get involved and help these gorgeous animals, even if we live on the other side of the world to Australia.

As the koala saying goes, “No tree, no me” and there are lots of events happening this Wild Koala Day and news of what is being done to reverse the fortunes of the koalas.

We need to protect koalas and their habitat

The main threat to koalas is loss of their habitat.  Humans are clearing it for agriculture, housing, mining,  shops, factories and roads.  Koalas are also badly affected by ferocious wildfires, traffic, disturbance from cats and dogs, stress and disease.  Find out more here about koala habitat. 

Wild Koala Day began in 2016 by a network of independent koala conservation and rehabilitation groups in Australia.  Most of them have been advocating for koalas for years and they have first hand experience, representing the front line of koala conservation and working with local communities. 

We know about tragedy, heartbreak, and feelings of futility. We also know that facing reality, and taking action is the best course. Every time we face a disaster we get back up and keep working for koalas. The disasters might keep coming, but we are not beaten.

Wild Koala Day website

Image copyright Koala Clancy Foundation

We can all join the big effort to help koalas.

On World Koala Day, Australian Koala charities have lots of events taking place such as tree planting days and community information sessions around Australia.  If you are outside Australia, please do take a look anyway – you can help by spreading the word, planting a tree, adopting a koala, becoming a member of a koala organisation... Find out what's going on  here.

7 things you can do to help koalas

  1. Protect a forest - support any campaigns to protect forests
  2. Plant or sponsor a tree or volunteer for a tree planting event
  3. Call a politician or email to ask them to support the Koala Protection Act. Tell them why koalas matter to you.
  4. Volunteer for koalas or for a tree planting event
  5. Spread the word on #WildKoalaDay and thereafter
  6. Join the Koala Army and push for a Koala Protection Act

March in person in Canberra or virtually on 1st September 2024.  This march is not just about koalas – it’s about all the animals living in koala habitat, hence the “great and small” part.  The march is calling for a Koala Protection Act, a simple piece of national legislation which focuses on protecting koala habitat.  All creatures great and small need this to survive and thrive.   On 1st September, a cast of thousands will represent the animals that calls Koala forests their home.  Find out more here.

Outside Australia?

No worries!  You can do a lot of the seven ways to help anyway, wherever you live - you can join the above mentioned march virtually, for instance, and you can take a look at the Koalition and the International Koala Intervention  - visit them here.



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