Sun Awareness Week

This week, the British Association of Dermatologists have a Sun Awareness Week campaign.

The aim of the week is to raise awareness about sun protection and skin cancer. The association actually has a summer long campaign to give people the information they need to be safe in the sun. Sun Awareness Week 2024 kicks this campaign off from the 6th May to the 12th of May. This year there's a particular focus about non-melanoma skin cancer and best practices for people to check their skin for it. They’ve got a couple of posters you can download (and put up) about the signs of non-melanoma cancer and the types of it

Taking a two pronged approach:

Advice on prevention  - to raise awareness of the dangers of burning and excessive tanning, and also to discourage people from using sunbeds.  The Association has campaigned for legislative action to improve the regulation of sunbeds, and it continues to do so.

Early detection – it teaches people how to spot the signs of skin cancer so that it increases the number of people whose cancer is picked up early.  There's helpful information here.

Please remember to make sure animals have plenty of fresh water, including wildlife - put something out for them in your garden - and make sure animals have shade. Remember the sun will move during the day.

Protect your skin AND the sea!

If you're looking for a sun lotion which cares about the environment and is reef safe and protects your skin, take a look at Green People. They have a number of products for skin care in the sun, including one which is an insect repellent as well. 

Green People have entered into a partnership with O2 and The British Skin Foundation, which raises money to fund research into all types of skin disease (including skin cancer) and to raise awareness of skin diseases and educating people about them.  As 1 in 5 Brits say they go on holiday without sun protection, Green People, O2 and The British Skin Foundation are on a mission to stop holiday memories being spoiled by sun damage.   Take a look at how to stay safe in the sun

The thing is, if you’re looking for sun protection and you care about the environment, and what goes into the sea, Green People may be able to help you with their sun products.   

Neither Oxybenzone nor Octinoxate are included in any of Green People’s reef-safe sun cream formulas; they want to make sure their organic sun care collection is safe both for the sea, and skin.  They say that it is inevitable that sun cream will “slip off your skin” when you are in the sea – and if Oxybenzone comes into contact with coral reefs, they are more at risk of bleaching and so vulnerable to disease and death.

Green People have some products for all the family so dive in and take a look at their range here. They also got a handy sort of “which is the best and sunscreen for me” exercise so that you can work out which it is indeed best for you and your skin.

Take a look at Green People's sun products here.   

Green People care about the environment

One of the things which Green People does Is to work with charities such as Knepp Wildlife Foundation, and the World Land Trust.  But they also work with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).  The MCS receives a 10% share of Green People’s net profits and it also receives donations that had been raised through its Green Beauty Club Reward scheme.  In addition, 20p is donated to the MCS each time you add a tube of Green People’s 200ml SPF30 Scent Free Sun Cream to your basket. 



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