Donate to an Appeal

Wildlife need our help:

  • As volunteers, to join in conservation efforts to create or care for wildlife habitat, or to look after wildlife in our gardens and by volunteering to change our lifestyle habits 
  • As donors:  to donate to appeals, to sponsor rangers, to join "buy an acre" opportunities, to become members so that wildlife habitat can be protected and wildlife can survive and thrive.  

There's no doubt about it, conservation needs us all to dig deep and donate to appeals.  This page has a number of appeals you can support.   

Help the WWT save this special bird from extinction

Help the Woodland Trust create the largest new native forest in England.

Help the World Land Trust save 642 acres in Colombia

The Wildlife Trusts have a range of appeals so you can choose whether you want to save  a species, restore nature reserves, bring people closer to nature or campaign for wildlife and wild places. 

Become a Guardian of the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve and help protect orangutans, protecting their forest

The Rainforest Trust focuses on saving real acres of rainforest through land purchases and designations.