Get Fit with a Purpose!


So did you make a resolution for the new year in 2023 to get fitter?   You’d go to the gym every day, you’d go running or walking and really lose that weight and improve your fitness level!

Find a cause to get fit for!

Sometimes it can really help with a resolve to get fitter if you can think of somebody else who can benefit from your resolve and efforts. Apart from anything else, you won't want to let them down (so make sure you're realistic in what you're going to do....)

It means that the cause is giving you extra reason to get up and get going, to achieve your fitness goals.

If you sign up for a charity run or walk, this means that you have a date to aim for, a level of fitness to aim for, and someone who you care about who will benefit from  your efforts. 

Many charities now have all sorts of events to help fundraise, for instance.   And these take into account some people are exceptionally fit and into fitness and have been for a long time, whilst others just have a far lesser level of fitness.  

Why not give yourself a goal so that you can both make a difference and improve your fitness and give yourself something to aim for?

Or how about working in the garden or on your balcony to give some of your space over to nature?  Whether it’s a balcony, patio, small garden or the size of RHS Wisley, there will be something you can do, and getting outdoors is a great way to help yourself mentally and help nature at the same time!

(Please note: It is always a good idea to get advice from your doctor if you are going to start a new exercise regime.)