Land saved for nature and wildlife

I wanted to share with you all the wonderful things people are doing world-wide to save and conserve land for nature and wildlife.  Now, there aren't many at the moment because I've just started this section, but I'm aiming to add to it very often (the goal I've set myself is every day) so please come back and see what all the wonderful things that ARE being done to conserve the world's beautiful places.   

We all need to fight for nature and join up to save it.  All these non-profit organisations/charities couldn't have done it on their own - there are ordinary people like you & me supporting them and helping them, every square foot of the way.

PLEASE NOTE:  All images copyright to the organisation the wonderful charities working to save them (to save me having to keep typing copyright, copyright, copyright as I'd rather type Save land for nature, save land for nature, save land for nature).  

An incredible deal preserves millions of pollination corridors for monach butterflies and of course other species will benefit too.  This deal is with the US Fish & Wildlife Service  and the University of Illinois at Chicago and over 45 other companies and private landowners who have entered into the voluntary conservation agreement.  The hope is this will avoid the Monarch butterfly - whose numbers have dropped by 80% in 20 years - being enlisted as Endangered in December 2020.  Find out more
Image:  Joanna Gilkeson/Fish and Wildlife Service/Flickr

The Conservation Foundation's supporter successfully donated enough for the purchase of 5,777 acres in Florida.  The required amount was $1.5 million by 1 June.  The purchase will help protect drinking water, preserve wildlife habitat and provide wonderful public access.  Find out more
Image copyright to the Conservation Foundation. 

South West Florida, USA

The Conservation Foundation and its supporters have protected 27.8 acres with a mixture of habitats which provide for a variety of wildlife, including 163 bird species and 33 butterfly species.  It is open to the public and it has environmental education, too!   Find out more

Maine, USA

In the north eastUSA, the Phippsburg Land Trust has acquired two parcels of land of 241 acres, thus doubling in size.  The land is really important for maintaining animal habitats; one of the bits includes wetlands which are a habitat for spotted turtles.  Find out more