Wetlands saved in Singapore

Migratory birds can travel from as far north as the Arctic Circle to as far south as Australia and New Zealand.

And these birds need stop-off points to refuel, if you like – to rest and feed.  As such, cities such as Singapore are vital for migratory birds for this purpose.

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Unfortunately, like everywhere else, these places are also under increasing pressure from development and population.  

Protection of these natural environments really are important to secure the future and wellbeing of migratory birds.

BirdLife International report that the Nature Society (Singapore) recognise the importance of coastal mudflats within Singapore.  They have been regularly monitoring biodiversity and birds in the Kranji – Mandai wetlands and mangroves and working with local conservation groups and researchers at the National University of Singapore to push for its inclusion as a nationally protected area.  It also pushed for its recognition as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area.

And the good news is that the Singapore Government has announced it intends to gazette an area of over 70 hectares of coastal madflats and mangroves in the Kranji-Mandai IBA as a new protected area.

The move will really help birds such as the Chinese Egret and Straw-headed Bulbul.

The new park will open to visitors in mid-2022, with facilities such as nature trials, bicycle racks and bird hides. 

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The area will help strengthen the conservation of wetland biodiversity across Singapore and enable research and provide education opportunities to enhance the knowledge and awareness of migratory birds in this area.

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