World Water Day 2021

The 22 March is World Water Day.

In 2021, the aim is to look at what water means to people, its true value and how we can better protect it.

So World Water Day has been asking people what water means to them and you can find out what they said here.

Water means a lot to all life, and so here are a number of charities who are particularly focused on water and conservation and/or ensuring people and wildlife get access to it!

  1. Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust – wetlands matter, to us and to wildlife.  Find out how here
  2. Freshwater Habitats Trust -   where have all our ponds gone?  Wildlife need them back and so do we, so find out how you can help
  3. The Marine Conservation Society – we need to take care of our seas and oceans and all the life in it.  There’s lots you can do to help make a difference.
  4. The Brooke – it cares for working animals (such as horses, donkeys and mules) and helps owners in developing countries and it is doing a number of things to help ensure animals and people have closer access to good water.  Why not donate to give three portable troughs to help hard-working horses, donkeys and mules?
  5. Tigers4Ever – the charity has a waterhole project to get water to tigers and other wildlife.  You can donate to this through their Global Giving campaign.

Why not donate to The Brooke to give three portable troughs 
to help hard-working horses, donkeys and mules?


The Wildlife Trusts has some great tips to help you reduce your water consumption – take a look at it and see what you can do! 

And the RSPB has some help for you if you want to make a mini-pond – it is amazing how little space you need!

You don't need a lot of space to create a pond for wildlife
Find out how to make a mini-pond from the RSPB
Image © RSPB