Born to be Wild is back on BBC2

This week, there’s a programme on BBC2 at 4:00 called Born to be Wild.  It takes a look at the work at the Scottish SPCA’s Wildlife Centre.

Foxes, ravens, a badger, a deer fawn, oystercatcher chicks, house martins, seals and a white tailed eagle are just some of the animals needing the centre’s help.

The programmes are the shortened version of series 1, but whilst the world is in such turmoil, it’s heartening to see such amazing people doing something to make a difference and help wildlife.

How to get involved...

Sponsor a space – such as an enclosure for an otter, a hedgehog unit, a seal pen, or a bird unit - or see their Amazon wishlist or simply donate

Be #WildlifeWise.  The SSPCA have tips on how to help wildlife, especially young wildlife, and they recommend three steps we can all take:  Observe, Wait and Act

Check out the SSPCA’s advice about wildlife who are trapped, sick, injured, on the road, and lone babies  

Volunteer!   Find out more about this here.

Please note that the SSPCA is in SCOTLAND so if you are England or Wales, and think, I’ll give the SPCA a call to come out, the contact us pages for the RSPCA for England and Wales can be found here and they have lots of advice about wildlife.

You can also help wildlife at home

You can also help wildlife at home, in your own garden or balcony or even with a simple window feeder.  Garden Wildlife Direct have great offers for birds and wildlife with everything they need from bird baths and food (straight, seed mixed and suet) to nesting boxes, and from food for wildlife to wildlife houses.   They aim to make caring for wildlife an affordable interest for everyone.  Visit their website here.

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