Will you please help Fix a Truck?

Paso Pacífico in Nicaragua need help fixing their trucks.   

Their mission is to restore and protect the endangered dry tropical forest and coastal ecosystems of Mesoamerica's Pacific Slope.   They work to protect and restore biodiversity where people already live, working with local communities, landowners and partner organisations.   They began developing its first corridor in 2005 in Nicaragua’s Paso del Istmo Wildlife Corridor and are now in El Salvador.   They are strengthening the Paso del Istmo and other corridors across a network across Mesoamerica. 

Conservationists need help

As they point out, you need vehicles which work to do conservation and community work.  

They did have 3 working trucks and a working minibus which have done very well, but they are now down to one (running today but needs some TLC) which biologists, rangers and children’s group have to share across spread-out areas.  They are asking for donations to help repair their vehicles, which have been in service for over 10 years.  

At the moment, the biologists and rangers cannot travel to help children and bring them closer to nature, they can't remove pollution from the waterways, save sea turtles or parrots, or do science with migrating birds.  Some teams have to share one truck.  

Paso Pacífico really want to get their vehicles sorted, so that they can do their conservation work - you can see all their projects here.

  • Critically endangered baby parrots can have their medical check-ups – they are threatened by parasites and poachers. 
  • Local landowners can get incentive payments to encourage them to keep the chicks safe.
  • They can want to undertake the live capture-and-release studying of migratory birds at sites which are over 100 miles apart.
  • They want rubbish which volunteers have collected at beaches, rivers and lakes to be removed.
  • They need to bring the boat used by the turtle rangers to and from the ocean, with its motor, which is kept separately so that it doesn’t get stolen. 
  • And they need to monitor the endangered southwest willow flycatcher and discuss with farmers about the preservation of the birds’ homes until the birds migrate.
  • Children are due to complete the Junior Ranger programme and graduate, their families coming from very rural areas

Update (13.3.24): The appeal's goal...

Paso Pacífico  were looking to raise $1,300 for the most critical repairs for two trucks.  Thanks to donors, they've done this! 

They are now looking to reach $4,800 to repair the minibus in time for the last Junior Ranger activities of the season.  

Please donate if you can!

Paso Pacífico is a 501(c)(3) certified organisation, EIN:20-3396421



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