The Earthshot Prize


There’s a new series starting on BBC1 on Sunday 3 October 2021 called The Earthshot Prize:  Repairing Our Planet.

What is the Earthshot Prize all about?

It is an global environment prize, to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next decade.  It aims to turn current pessimism about the environmental issues into optimisim by showing how human ingenuity can bring about change and inpsire collective action. 

And what is the Earthshot Prize BBC programme all about?

Prince William is the Founder of the Earthshot Prize.  Sir David Attenborough is a member of the Earthshot Prize Council.  Together they explore how we may best protect and restore nature. 

Sir David Attenborough explains how our approach to modern live is causing a major decline in biodiversity – and this decline will affect our own lives.  He says that we know how to stop this and revsere the loss of wildlife.

If we can manage our land with biodiversity and wildlife in mind, then the wild can bounce back.   Prince William introduces us to the finalists for the Earthshot Prize to protect and restore nature.

The series covers five things we can do to fix our planet:

  1. Protect and restore nature
  2. Fix our climate
  3. Clean our air
  4. Revive our oceans
  5. Build a waste-free world


"By 2030, we choose to ensure that, for the first time in human history, the natural world is growing - not shrinking - on our planet. "

The finalists in the Earthshot prize's Protect and Restore Nature are:

The Pole Pole Foundation - community led gorilla conservation in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Republic of Costa Rica whose efforts and approach have doubled the size of the forests in this country

Restor, which is like a Google Maps for nature.  It has has connected over more than 50,000 restoration sites worldwide. It connects practitioners with ecological data and builds networks between activists, funders and the public. In short, it helps local knowledge fuel global change.


Every single one of us can do something to contribute

Every single one of these things will have actions you and I can take to fix our planet and reverse biological decline. 

So much is on the internet now to show us – you can start at home with your garden or lifestyle there.  Plant a pot for pollinators.  If you haven’t got a garden, you can still do this on a patio or a balcony.  No patio or balcony?  Reduce your waste.  Cut back on plastic.  Eat foods in season.  Eat fruit that's not in perfect shape! Every single one of us can do something towards one or more of these goals.

Many of us are trying to do something already.  We can all do more by looking at our own lives and how we are living and taking more steps to make a difference.  We can all do more. 

Two appeals I am raising awareness of at the moment are the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s appeal for Rose End Meadows in the UK and the World Land Trust’s appeal to save the Laguna Grande which kicks off properly on 6th October with its Big Match Fortnight. 


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