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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 
Margaret Mead, American anthropologist, 1901-1978

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  1. Petition to keep the oil industry out of Africa's treasures

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    Rainforest Rescue is a non-profit organisation which is committed to preserving rainforests, protecting those living there, and furthering social reforms.

    Have a prowl around their website and you will notice that they have a number of petitions we can all sign to add our voice to protect the powerless.

    They say that those living in forests are often powerless against the business interests and ambitions of timber and cattle barons, Western banks, corrupt politicians and oil and mining companies.

    And there’s a petition at the moment aiming to keep the oil industry out of Africa's natural treasures.

    ReconAfrica have got a lience for oil and gase exploration in the Kavango delta.  They’ve got a second-hand oil rig in the US and shipped it across the Atlantic.  Drilling began in December in 2020 and if successful, the companies plans to extract two billion barrels of oil before drilling into deeper layers of rock. 

    Rainforest Rescue say the ecological impacts of the projects will be devastating.  They say it would threaten bodies of water in the dry Namibian savannahs, and Botswana’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta and huge numbers of elephants, hippos, rhinos and birds.  Livelihoods of locals hang in the balance.


    Please help keep the oil industry out of Africa's natural treasures
    Please help keep the oil industry out of Africa's natural treasures
    image © Rainforest Rescue

    Rainforest Rescue say, “We need to stop ReconAfrica’s project for the sake of the climate, biodiversity, water, and the livelihoods of the local people. Please support our demands with your signature.”

    Hippos, elephants, rhinos and birds can’t have a voice in this – they need us to speak for them.  Please sign the petition and act on their behalf.  



  2. Please see this video from Gravitas - how nature is reclaiming its spaces due to the Coronavirus

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    Sometimes you see something on the internet or on television that really hits you hard and makes a point extremely well.

    I saw this video, this afternoon, and I wanted to share it with you.  Please share it with everyone you can.

    The ultimate message is that we SHARE this planet.  It demonstrates how dominant the human race has become - and how selfish.   I am not going to tell you anymore about it - please just watch it for yourself.   Here it is:

    Thank you, Gravitas.

    Please vow to make a difference today. 
    Find out how to reduce your impact on the earth's resources here.





  3. Help pygmy hippos in Liberia

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    Help pygmy hippos in Liberia 
    ©Fauna and Flora International

    Head to the jungles of Liberia, and you’ll find the absolutely adorable pygmy hippopotamus.  

    They enjoy spending their time bobbing along rivers, plodding up the riverbank and searching for tasty leaves.

    Enter a group of illegal miners.  They’ve hacked and hammered their way deep into the ancient forest, hunting for rare metals.  They brought about rampant deforestation and poaching all around them and the hippos have nowhere to run to.   

    All but 3,000 are dead.  They are heading towards extinction.

    But there’s a chance to enable local rangers to protect the hippos’ home - and making it impossible for the mining to ever return in the future.

    They are working with local people who want to protect the ancient forests as much as Fauna and Flora International do.  

    Please help the pygmy hippos and keep them free to romp and stomp around their home in peace.

    Will you donate £3 to help Fauna and Flora International and keep the forests free from illegal mining and care for the pygmy hippos and keep them safe

    Please go to Fauna and Flora's website to donate


  4. Cull of hippos over-turned by Zambian Government

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    Thank goodness!  The Zambian Government has done an about-turn on its plan to cull over a thousand hippos in the Luangwa Valley.

    There had been increasing international pressure for the Zambian Government to justify why such a cull should take place.  The National Association of Community Resources Board in Zambia had also called for the cull to be reversed.  Born Free say local community representatives had also been against the cull. 

    Hippos across Africa are under more and more pressure – there are only 115,000 to 130,000 of them left, and the IUCN lists them as “Vulnerable”.

    There has been a lot of effort to end the elephant ivory trade – and now hippos are being targeted more and more for their ivory instead.

    We must do more to stop such exports.  And to stop trophy hunting in the first place.

    Born Free say they remain committed to working with the Zambian Government "to help secure a future of peaceful and prosperous co-existence between Zambia’s wildlife and its people."

    For more info from Born Free, click here