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URGENT Appeal for Koalas and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital GoFundMe Appeal

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I have just read the most terrible news.  Koala populations and their habitat have decreased to such an extent that they are now “functionally extinct”.

Forbes.com reports that Chairman of the Australian Koala Foundation estimates that over 1,000 koalas have been killed from the fires.  80% of their habitat has been destroyed, thanksk to bush fires, prolonged drought and deforestation.

Functionally extinct occurs where a population has become so limited that their population is  no longer viable. The small number of the surviving animals means that they are unlikely to survive long term. 

Koalas eat up to 2 pounds of  eucalyptus leaves a day. And bushfires and deforestation has destroyed this main food source.  The recovery of such plants after fires will take months – so there will be no food for the koalas. 


Koalas need our help

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has a Go Fund Me page.  The hope was is that they would reach $25,000. 

So far, they have raised $1.35 million from 35,000 donors. 

One of the things they want to do is to install drinking stations for koalas in areas devastated by the fires.  And they want to have a Koala Ark so that burned koalas can live in a healthy habitat as they recover.

The hospital are searching for koalas, along with the National Parks and Wildlife Service crew leaders.  So far 31 koalas have been brought to the hospital from various fire locations.

 Koalas arriving at the hospital are rehydrated and examined for burns.  Burns are treated with cream, and then bandaged.  Dressings are changed every three days.

 The hospital wanted to raise money to buy and distribute automatic drinking stations in the burnt areas to help koalas and wildlife.  Now, more will be built, and shared with other wildlife organisations in areas affected by fire.   Two will go to the Northern Rivers fire area next week.

Help the people helping koalas

The hospital is buying a water carrying vehicle with fire fighting capabilities to replenish the drinking stations with water as they need it.

Thanks to the incredible amount of money raised, the hospital is going to establish a wild koala breeding programme.

The bushfires in and around the Port Macquarie area killed about 350 koalas.  75% of the fireground footprint was prime koala habitat.

Be a part of this rescue mission - please donate
Be a part of this rescue mission - please donate

As well as donating to help the koalas, we can all do what we can do consider how our life style is impacting on the planet.   The human race has caused enough destruction of our natural world.  It’s time to do the right thing and put this right.


These koalas need our help

All images on this blog copyright to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.  

PS There's another GoFundMe appeal for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation who are also needing funds to help care for koalas affected by wildfires.  Visit their GoFundMe page

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  1. Sally Longson from TakeActionfor WildlifeConservation

    Hi Cath, Gosh, you must have a lot of memories from your visit. I'm not sure which would be best, I must confess; I've made a donation straight from the UK, which was very easy to do online. I guess it depends on what is best for you and what your preference is. These fires seem to be going on for a long time and goodness knows what will happen next with them. It's all so heartbreaking. I hope you have a good trip. All best wishes, Sally

    Posted on

  2. Cath Manchester

    Having visited Port Macquarie Koala Hospital some years ago whilst on a visit from the UK, I would like to make a donation, would it be preferable to make the donation directly from the UK or whilst in Australia during January?

    Posted on

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