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2,000 aluminium cans enable 40 trees to be planted!

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There’s been a great effort in the Channel Island of Jersey by students at one of the schools there, Victoria College.

The boys there have been collecting aluminium cans – 2,000 in all – for the Durrell Cans for Corridors initiative.   The 2,000 aluminium cans have provided enough for 40 trees to be planted!

The scheme was set up in Jersey in 2002 and was supposed to run for a year but it's been so successful, it was continued. 

The Cans for Corrridors project was founded back in 2002.  The aim was to help restore the natural habitat of endangered animals, as it had been destroyed by deforestation. 

The money raised from recycling 50 cans means that the project can plant one tree in a tree corridor in Brazil!

Durrell aims to restore, expand and link previously destroyed habitats. 

Since the collection point at Durrell’s wildlife park was installed, islanders in Jersey have put over 1 million cans into it. 

Aluminium is used over other materials because it is the most cost-effective reclaimable metal.   Recycling it is 90% more efficient than mining the raw material, according to Durrell.   And a recycled can will be back on supermarket shelves in approximately 2 months

Even if you don’t live in Jersey, you can collect cans and other recyclable aluminium products.  There are a number of aluminium recycling centres around the UK and you can find your nearest and whether they can collect your cans.  Kitchencraft.co.uk even have a can crusher you can buy to make recycling easier.  The funds raised can then be sent to Durrell, marked ‘Cans for Corridors’. 

There’s a poster you can download to raise awareness of the scheme for Durrell.

If you’re a charity, find out how you can recycle and raise funds 


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